MHRC operates a Multidisciplinary Forensic Team (MFT), which is a community-based program designed to divert individuals from involvement in the criminal justice system and commitment to Forensic State Mental Health Treatment Facilities (SMHTFs) and other residential forensic programs.  The MFT is responsible for providing or coordinating the treatment, rehabilitation and support services needed for each individual.  The team is comprised of staff with expertise in the areas of:  medicine/psychiatry, counseling, substance abuse treatment, case management, forensic/legal system, advocacy, housing, and entitlements.   Services provided by MFT case managers also include: monitoring persons under forensic jurisdiction in accordance with applicable standards and rules, completion of regular reports to the courts, development of conditional release plans when ordered by the courts, attending all conditional release hearings, tracking all individuals on conditional release, monitoring the person’s compliance with the conditional release plan, and providing competency restoration training when required.  The program has the capacity to service up to 45 individuals at a given time.  The team provides a 24 hour on-call mental health professional for crisis support, information, and referral services for program participants.

Program eligibility criteria are:

  • Individuals who have been determined by the Court to be Incompetent to Proceed (ITP) or Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGI), pursuant to Chapter 916, F.S., or
  • Individuals who have a serious and persistent mental illness and have been arrested and, prior to adjudication, are referred to the MFT by duly authorized representatives of local law enforcement, local courts, the State Attorney, the Public Defender or the Managing Entity.

Location:                  4427 Emerson Street

                                  Building 5
                                  Jacksonville, FL 32207-4960    
Phone:                      (904) 745-0042

Fax:                           (904) 743-4112
Program Hours:       Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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