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State Hospital Liaison Services

MHRC provides community liaison services for persons residing at Northeast Florida State Hospital who are from the Circuit 4 area (Duval, Clay, and Nassau Counties).  Services include: attending treatment teams, court hearings, and discharge planning meetings; monitoring the progress of the persons residing at NEFSH; conversing with family members about the person’s status; communicating with the person’s social worker and treatment team to coordinate care, discharge planning and/or follow-up services for persons residing at the facility and those returning to the community.

Forensic Liaison Services

MHRC provides forensic liaison services for persons from Duval County who have been committed to the DCF-SAMH under the provisions of Chapter 916 Florida Statutes and are residing at a state forensic facility.  Services include: monitoring all adult Circuit 4 admissions to state forensic facilities; coordinating diversions when directed or appropriate; maintaining a database that shows the movement of Duval County forensic defendants; maintaining a database of each Duval County forensic defendant’s status; working closely with the Circuit’s SAMH forensic coordinator regarding all forensic issues; acting as a point of contact for all Duval County forensic matters with the state forensic and civil treatment facilities, Circuit’s SAMH office, local mental health providers, crisis stabilization units (CSU) and the courts to ensure appropriate and timely disposition of the “five (5) year incompetent to proceed” cases.

Department of Corrections

MHRC provides liaison services with the Department of Corrections for persons being released from the prison system and are returning to Duval County.  Services are designed to ensure that follow-up care is coordinated for persons with mental illness who are being released from the state’s prison system.

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