Mental Health Resource Center

The MHRC inpatient program for adults (age 18 or older) provides short-term stabilization services for individuals who are experiencing mental health crises and require a 24-hour structured and supervised therapeutic environment.  Services include comprehensive assessment, psychiatric evaluation, physical examination, medication management, individual and/or group therapy, educational groups, social rehabilitation, activity options, discharge planning, and referrals and linkage to case management and other needed follow-up services.

Location:                  MHRC South
                                  11820 Beach Boulevard
                                  Jacksonville, FL 32246-6670   
Phone:                      (904) 642-9100, option #3

Fax:                           (904) 641-3445
Program Hours:       Every day: Twenty-four (24) hours daily                       

Location:                  MHRC North
                                  3333 West 20th Street
                                  Jacksonville, FL 32254-1703
Phone:                      (904) 695-9145, option #3

Fax:                           (904) 695-2465
Program Hours:       Every day: Twenty-four (24) hours daily

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Inpatient Treatment for Adults