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MHRC provides forensic services to persons who have been committed to the DCF-SAMH under the provisions of Chapter 916 Florida Statutes, and who either reside in the community under a conditional release plan, or are committed to a state forensic facility.  A typical conditional release plan identifies the conditions the person must abide by in order to remain living in the community:  This may include:  identification of a living situation that provides adequate supervision of the person; provisions for mental health and/or substance abuse services; competency restoration services; and if appropriate, recommendations for auxiliary services such as vocational training, educational services or special medical care.   For persons committed to a state forensic facility or civil step-down facility, a minimum of quarterly face-to-face meetings are provided, as well as regular contact with the facility’s social workers and  treatment teams.  When a person is ready to return to the community, assistance is provided to locate appropriate community placements; arrange for needed aftercare services; provide needed information to the courts and attorneys; and ensure an appropriate conditional release plan is in place.

Services provided by the forensic case manager and forensic specialist include: case management, monitoring persons under forensic jurisdiction in accordance with applicable standards and rules, completion of regular reports to the courts, development of conditional release plans when ordered by the courts, attending all conditional release hearings, tracking all individuals on conditional release, monitoring the person’s compliance with the conditional release plan, providing competency restoration training when required, providing quarterly state forensic facility face-to-face visits to monitor progress of persons criminally committed, and communicating with the person’s social worker and/or treatment team to coordinate care, discharge planning and/or follow-up services for persons  who are returning to the community.

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