The MHRC Emergency Services departments provide screening and assessments for appropriateness of admission to the MHRC inpatient treatment programs for adults, adolescents and children.  Emergency Services also provides telephone and face-to-face assessments and referrals to other services for individuals who are not admitted to the inpatient programs.

Location:                  MHRC South
                                  11820 Beach Boulevard
                                  Jacksonville, FL 32246-6670   
Phone:                      (904) 642-9100, option #2

Fax:                           (904) 645-0687
Program Hours:       Every day: Twenty-four (24) hours daily                       

Location:                  MHRC North
                                  3333 West 20th Street
                                  Jacksonville, FL 32254-1703
Phone:                      (904) 695-9145, option #2

Fax:                           (904) 695-2465
Program Hours:       Every day: Twenty-four (24) hours daily

Sponsored by LSF Health Systems, LLC and the State of Florida, Department of Children and Families

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